Music Festivals- Indonesia’s music industry, which had been sluggish, has revived. Marked by the emergence of many quality musicians, both indie and incorporated into the label. The taste of Indonesian people’s music is also getting higher standards, especially among young people.

This also makes many promoters not hesitate to revive music festivals in Indonesia. This concept is actually not new abroad. With the increasing enthusiasm of young people for nature tourism, this concept has become even sexier.

Besides Glastonbury, England Has the 2000 Trees Festival

This nature music festival takes place every 2nd Sunday of July for three days at Upcote Farm, Withington, England. This event has been running regularly since 2007. Often, they invite alternative rock musicians from across the UK.

For those who like idol bands from England, such as Mallory Knox, Moose Blood, You Me At Six, Lady Bird, and so on, this music festival can be doping for your mood. In addition to the good music, this festival also gets many awards for its adequate facilities. Especially the toilets and convenient camping locations.

Lalala Fest, the first natural music festival in Indonesia

Nature-themed music festivals are relatively new in Indonesia. One of the pioneers in the Lalala Fest which is usually in Cikole, Lembang. In 2016 it was the first time to hold this event and so far it has been held three times. To know more about lifestyle society you can visit this site vegetarianorganiclife

In 2018, the event venue move to Orchid Forest, still in the Lembang area. In addition to inviting well-known names and indie bands to the country, they usually also add some names of international musicians as headliners. The genre of music that dominates this festival is indie pop.

However, many also complained because the venue was not comfortable. Moreover, holding this festival at the end of the year when Indonesia usually has entered the rainy season.

Followed by Jazz Mountain which was very successful

As the name implies, this music festival is held in famous mountainous areas in Indonesia such as Bromo and Ijen. Seeing the musical tastes of Indonesians who prefer pop, ballad, and jazz genres songs, this genre was chosen.

In addition to contemporary musicians, the organizers always insert regional art performances which are certainly interesting. One more thing that is unique and deserves appreciation is the location and format of the venue which is really strategic and artistic.

Pete The Monkey, concert, and fundraiser for protected fauna

Not only the name is unique, but the purpose of holding this music festival is also as part of raise funds for ape conservation in Bolivia. The festival, which takes place in Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer on the Seine Waters, Normandy, is very family-friendly. The music genre presents a mix of indie, pop, and disco music with a very summer feel.

Enjoying music in the middle of the beautiful limestone mountains in Cappadocia, Turkey

For fans of folk and acoustic music, Holds a Cappadox music event in the hills and mountains of Cappadocia. Uniquely, this area is not only in the form of ordinary green hills, complete with a series of exotic rocks. Combined with relaxing music, it invites the audience to immerse in the magic.

Concert as well as camping in the wild in the style of Colorado Festival, Hungary

Usually, Hungary is better known for its electronic music festival called the Sziget Festival. However, for those of you who prefer alternative hip-hop and R&B music, try enjoying a different sensation in Colorado.

The number of venues that are not as large as Sziget makes this outdoor music festival feel more intimate. The stage is in a valley, so the audience can enjoy the show from the top of a hill or bridge.