The guitar is arguably the most accessible musical instrument in the wider community, apart from being easy to learn, the cheapest guitar price is also very affordable for all people. Types of Guitar That We Often Meet As we know the guitar is a musical instrument with (generally) six strings and also a neck consisting of several. You could say this one musical instrument is a “chordophone” type instrument and is one of the oldest musical instruments.

These frets and strings are mutually continuous. This musical instrument is also often demonstrated through a movement called “air guitar”. And perhaps one of the easiest musical instruments to demonstrate. This stringed instrument is not only found in music shops, some sports shops also sell guitars.

Even in the age of the internet, learning guitar can be done through a magazine that contains songs and chords. The way to play the guitar itself varies, some use a pick, some use your fingers.

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Acoustic Guitar

Basically, the acoustic guitar is a type of guitar that produces sound acoustically by spreading vibrations from the strings into the air. To amplify the vibrations present in the strings, the guitar involves a soundboard which is the neck, and the soundbox (the body).

There are three types of modern acoustic guitars, including the classic guitar, flamenco guitar, electric acoustic guitar, and steel-string acoustic guitar. At first glance, classic guitars are very similar to flamenco guitars, but what sets the two apart is that flamenco guitars have a thinner upper body and less inner bracing.

Electric Guitar

The layman may be confused about why an electric guitar can make a sound even though it doesn’t have a hole. Now there are several devices needed for an electric guitar to make a sound. One of them is the pickup. The pickup itself is a device installed in an electric guitar that functions to convert the vibrations generated by the strings into an electric signal.

Archtop guitar

This type of guitar is often used by jazz guitarists. This guitar, which is often referred to as a semi-acoustic guitar, has the following characteristics:
• Uses 6 strings.
• Hollow body.
• Bridge that can be adjusted by yourself.
• Neck joints at the 14th fret.
• Uneven back and front.
• A hole similar to a violin.

Bass guitar

In a modern band, there is usually not only a guitar but also a bass guitar. This type of guitar has thicker strings. The thickness of these strings is intended for low notes. Compared to other types of guitars, the bass guitar or often referred to as the bass has a larger size and a longer neck.

Guitar Resonator

This guitar has a unique shape and is different from other guitars. This guitar uses a circular disc that functions to replace the soundhole and also to hide a conical resonator. This guitar has a more nasal character.