What are the benefits and drawbacks of dating a friend, from friendship to love? Is it possible to go from close friendship to a loving relationship? What changes can you expect? We don’t often think we can have an intimate relationship with a friend. Other times, we begin to believe that a friend could be more than we realize and we have new feelings for him.

How do you go from friendship to love? What makes you want your friend to be your lover? You may feel an attraction or feelings that have been there for years, but you didn’t want to acknowledge them. It could be a sudden shift in your feelings. You suddenly see the same person that you’ve known for years but with new eyes and realize that there might be more to them. The transition from friendship into a relationship isn’t an easy one. It can be beautiful and exciting, but also confusing.

The benefits of dating a friend: From friendship to love relationships

Do not start from scratch when building a relationship. You can build a strong foundation by being friends from the start. This will allow you to gain more intimacy and knowledge. You know each other well, know your strengths and weaknesses, and you are able to see the good in each other. This is a positive because you won’t make the common mistake of focusing on what’s good and ignoring what’s bad.

You will know your friend when you become his lover. You will also be able to resolve conflicts easier, as you have experienced small quarrels together, as well as being friends. Even though quarrels can be more intense as lovers, you are better at communicating with one another and understanding what each other wants.

You shouldn’t start a relationship with someone you only love because of your passion and attraction. It is possible to be friends first and it will show that you are compatible enough to form an intimate relationship. Friendships are built on mutual respect, appreciation, and admiration. Having them in a loving relationship from the start can only be good. Your relationship is more than just an attraction, passion and filmexxx. It’s a real and solid one!

There is a common ground between you – your common ground as friends is compatibility and shared interests. This will allow you to avoid the two biggest dangers in love relationships: boredom and lack of common interests. This is an obvious advantage to moving from friendship into a relationship. You have friends, common interests, and you can spend your time together.

Trust one another. Trust is key to friendship. Once you are friends you can trust each other. Lack of trust, jealousy and insecurity among the partners can lead to many love relationships falling apart.

Your relationship will change dramatically: You won’t look at one another the same way and you will behave differently with each other. It is possible to be closer than ever with change. Sometimes, it can be surprising to see a friend who was great as a friend behave differently as a lover. And not always in the best way. It is possible to think you don’t recognize someone when you suddenly view them as a lover, and not as friends.

While some people get along well in a casual relationship, such as friendship, others find it difficult to get along once they enter into a formal relationship. A friend can behave well, but a lover can be completely different. They can have insecurities and jealousies, as well as show negative tendencies.

Do you have passion? Is there “chemistry” between you and your partner? It can be thrilling and passionate to go from friendship to love. However, it can also be difficult and confusing to get intimate with someone you have been close to for a while. .

Numerous studies have shown that there is often an attraction between friends of opposite sex. This secret desire helps to preserve the friendship. However, sometimes that attraction, desire and passion doesn’t exist and cannot be created. If you view your friend as more than a brother or sister, it can seem really repelling to see him as an intimate lover. Truely close friendships won’t often lead to passionate and fulfilling love relationships.

It can add an extra bonus to know your teeth. The first meeting with a partner is an exciting part of the beginning. You won’t experience it.