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They can also work for tv or concert production corporations. The enterprise side of music isn’t always as glamorous because the performances. That might be an issue if you’re not conversant in the day-to-day of your subject. Musicians may not be promoting CDs like they used to, but streaming platforms have taken up the mantle. According to research by MusicWatch, 29% of music listeners share songs, albums or playlists from streaming services.

They handle the artistic and technical elements of the recording session. They sometimes work with or as music producers, movie sound editors, musical composers or track arrangers.

In this blog, I cover all the major pieces and beginning steps you will want to think about when setting the inspiration in your music profession as an independent artist. Although this information caters more towards performing artists, singer-songwriters, bands and rappers, I feel plenty of this will still apply to … Read More

Where Do Metals Come From


Heavy Metal

Researchers at North Carolina State University recently formulated and tested a metal foam so strong that it shatters armor-piercing bullets upon impact, according to a paperrecently printed in Composite Structures. Free-Cutting Brass, which many individuals know by it’s traditional name, CDA Alloy 360, is the most important industrial copper alloy, surpassing all but copper itself by way of annual consumption. Most screw machine merchandise have scrap ratios between 50% and seventy five%; the ratio for the automotive fitting proven here is seventy one%. To make 1,000 of the fittings in leaded steel requires 290 lbs. Free-Cutting Brass is eight % denser than metal, so to make the identical 1,000 pieces in brass consumes 314 lbs.

When an object transferring at excessive speed—like a bullet—hits it, the air pockets collapse like bubble wrap. This motion absorbs the energy of the projectile, quite than transferring the vitality by way of … Read More

Where The Music Business Is Going In 2020

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Careful planning of undergraduate and graduate course choice is required. For M.B.A. admission requirements, consult the Graduate Catalog or Kim Sokoya, M.B.A. advisor. Students in the Music Business focus are guaranteed admission to candidacy if they earn a Candidacy Formula rating of 35.5 or better.

For graduate college students, the Department of Recording Industry offers a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degree in Recording Arts and Technologies. The singers participate in choirs and voice lessons, the operas or musical theater productions. The instrumentalists take personal lessons from expert faculty whereas enjoying in band, orchestra, jazz band or any variety of chamber or specialized smaller ensembles. Conducting, music expertise, profession expertise and more are standard courses taken by all music majors. You will even complete a senior recital with guidance from your applied music instructor through weekly lessons and performance classes.

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MBI even has a record label that finds, … Read More

Where Did ‘Jazz,’ The Word, Come From? Follow A Trail Of Clues, In Deep Dive With Lewis Porter


The many instruments require more construction, however there may be nonetheless usually solo improvisation. Like any piece of music, your jazz composition must have a strong basis, something on which to base the construction and flavor of your creation.

La Times Article About Herb Alpert

The group, which incorporates artists on three continents, has titled itself the We Insist! Collective in a reference to the rebel music of Max Roach, Abbey Lincoln and Oscar Brown Jr.; late last month it launched a manifesto and constitution listing 10 demands for the colleges and different institutions that compose jazz’s mainstream financial system. This year, the pandemic and the protest motion against racial injustice have created a second of huge potential. Conversations about radical change and new beginnings have crept into seemingly each side of American life. But as jazz musicians reckon with the events of 2020, they have found themselves torn between … Read More