Music: South Korean traditional musical instruments

Music: South Korean traditional musical instruments

Music- South Korean traditional musical instruments are still preserved. These musical instruments are still used for art events today.

We can see this from the appearance of these traditional musical instruments in several South Korean drama series. However, it is not possible to use all South Korean instruments for contemporary art events and performances.

The following are some traditional South Korean musical instruments for art events to date:

A traditional South Korean instrument called the Gayageum

The first traditional South Korean musical instrument was the Gayageum, and the way to play this instrument is by plucking the strings to produce a beautiful sound. The Gayageum is the same as the lute but has 12 strings and is a handiwork of the Gaya empire. There are 2 types of the lute from South Korea, namely Gayageum Sanjo and Gayageum Jeongak. At solo music events, the lute they use is Sanjo, and … Read More


local music

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Where Will Your Music Be?

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