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Sound vibrations acting upon and thru the nervous system give shocks in rhythmical sequence to the muscular tissues, which cause them to contract and set arms and palms, legs and feet in motion. On account of their computerized muscular response, many people make some movement when hearing music; for them to stay immobile would require conscious muscular restraint. On a larger scale are refrain schemes, in which contrasting episodes seem between statements of the chorus.

In instrumental music that is discovered most frequently in a 5-half association, the rondo, incessantly a b a c a b a; but many departures from the form occur, most typical being the alternative of c by a development passage, often based on the rondo theme. This essential variant, known as the sonata-rondo, is particularly associated with Joseph Haydn. The refrain principle also seems in the rondeau of 18th-century French harpsichord music, in which there … Read More