Music Lessons And Children’s Theatre

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In my look at the musical practices of surfers in locations all over the world, I keep returning to this shared expertise that binds surfers. And the place I might theorize the worldwide, I additionally hold it actual by grounding my interpretation in the real-life stories of particular person members of this group. This e-book presents a series of case studies that explore different ways in which surfers-and typically nonsurfers-affiliate the cultural practices of surfing and musicking. Along the best way, I also hope to expand ethnomusicological serious about the many methods musical practices may be integral to human socializing, and perhaps to being human in the first place. The contemplative prospects of surfing may lead some surfers, although not all, to seek musical expression.

The crucial scholar in me knows that the “I” and “we” here have very limited expertise within the context of globalized browsing. I grew up … Read More