World Cafe Host Raina Douris Talks With Bonnie North About Music, Diversity, And Crossing The Canadian Border

about music

In essence, a heatmap with frequency bins alongside one axis, time along the other axis, and colour to symbolize the worth (or amplitude) of each frequency at every point in time. If you didn’t know higher, you might assume that music was something that might start on any notice, go wherever it wished, and cease every time the performer felt like getting up for a glass of iced tea.

Some hope to get signed to a label, however many simply do it for enjoyable and, having day jobs, a little bit of income complement. The Sultans are a jazz band enjoying to a half empty bar, which they appear ok with (though I’m sure they might do without the bored drunk children within the back).

From the second I noticed my first wiggly frequency spectrum line dance on the screen, I already had something vague in mind on what to … Read More