The Stellar Awards

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Saving Country Music

Lost love crops up lots in Bangtan’s back catalogue and it makes its presence known here, the band clinging onto a relationship that’s on its last legs. “Your cold face tells me everything quite than phrases / I can see a break up rising over me like a excessive tide,” Suga says via results that amplify the gap between him and his partner, his voice coming out and in of focus. ‘Look Here’ finds younger BTS showing off their soft, sultry falsettos with alluring ease, and it’s all set to a gently trotting guitar twang.

The committee was founded in 1897 and consists of five members appointed by the Norwegian parliament. The Nobel Prize in every category is presently price SEK 9 million.

Charli XCX, considered one of pop’s most prolific collaborators, jumps on this monitor taken from the BTS World sport soundtrack. Alongside the British pop … Read More