Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc

Your references will support intellectual ability, academic achievement, motivation to work in a resource-limited context, ability to work in a group. References should usually be academic, though professional references are also acceptable. Briefly outline your immediate and long-term career goals and how the MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine may contribute to your career trajectory.

  • The MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine is a full-time one-year multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary programme examining major challenges to the health of populations in resource-limited contexts.
  • Our MSc in Medical Physics will improve your knowledge of how technology can help diagnose disease, while you learn about all the major aspects of physics as applied in the modern clinical/health environment.
  • It’s a great opportunity to ask questions to admissions staff and academics, explore the Colleges virtually, and to find out more about courses, the application process and funding opportunities.
  • Journals and Books covering
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Laureus World Sports Award For Sportsman Of The Year

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