Apple Launching ‘Apple Music For Business’ To Provide Music To Retail Stores

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DIME stories that students from 22 countries are enrolled within the faculty’s online training program, which is accredited via Falmouth University within the United Kingdom to offer a British diploma in music entrepreneurship. Upheaval in many sectors of the music industry – a lot of it introduced by the digital revolution – has led revolutionary folks on each the business and artistic sides of the industry to do business in new methods. You will wrap up your engagement with the course by contemplating some bigger moral questions and asking yourself what you can do to help a wholesome music ecosystem.

Someone working as a concert promoter makes a speciality of securing venues and advertising music events. A licensing representative pitches music for use in video video games, television, movies, and commercials. A music business accountant is a specialized accountant who works with musicians and other professionals in the music industry. … Read More