60 Greatest Breakup Songs Ever Recorded

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“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” finds the country-pop starlet and her ex traipsing about in that awkward on-once more, off-once more state of limbo. The backwards and forwards goes on, the ex’s transgressions pile up, but ultimately, “swift justice” wins out. The Sixties songwriting group of Burt Bacharach and Hal David found their good interpreter in Dionne Warwick, whose breezy type made the duo’s character-driven, rhythmically challenging tunes sound deceptively easy. In 1964’s “Walk on By,” one of her first Bacharach-David hits, Warwick teases out the smooth dignity in a song about the ache of rejection. Throwing away hours of painstaking work like Claire Boucher did when she scrapped an entire album ofVisionsfollowup material?

We don’t sometimes think of the breakup track as a local weather hospitable to sultry funk, but anyone forgot to notify Michael McDonald. Pair OG grime pioneers Ruff Sqwad with the legendary Eskiboy and … Read More