Music Business And Production

Working in groups, you will define key roles and responsibilities and manage the whole event cycle, from sourcing a venue, booking artists, analysing and creating branding for the event, promotion, and ultimately hosting the event for the public. You will have the opportunity to work with audio, film and game art students to help record, film and promote the event. A portfolio of work is created during the planning process, including a brand book, business, marketing plan and contracts.

If you’re interested in studying business but also have a passion for music, then our Music Business course is an ideal way of actively combining your interests. Whether you’re interested in promotion and branding, artist or events management, or copyright and the law, this course will prepare you for the modern music industry. Preparing graduates for successful careers underpins everything we do, and all students on this course will be … Read More

About Music Production And Engineering

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The which means behind reggae songs tend to be about love, faith or a better energy, and freedom. Reggae music is important to Jamaican culture because it has been used as inspiration for a lot of third world liberation actions. Bob Marley, an artist primarily known for reggae music, was honored by Zimbabwe’s 1980 Independence celebration due to his music giving inspirations to freedom fighters. The lyrics of reggae music often have a tendency to raise political consciousness and on cultural views. Alternatively, music can be assessed on the three dimensions of “arousal”, “valence”, and “depth”.

That’s why folks with Alzheimer’s illness can keep in mind songs and melodies from their previous. Traditional people music usually refers to songs composed within the twentieth century, which are usually written as common truths and large issues of the time they were composed. Artists including Bob Dylan; Peter, Paul and Mary; James Taylor; … Read More