Where To Find Music Producer Jobs

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They can also work for tv or concert production corporations. The enterprise side of music isn’t always as glamorous because the performances. That might be an issue if you’re not conversant in the day-to-day of your subject. Musicians may not be promoting CDs like they used to, but streaming platforms have taken up the mantle. According to research by MusicWatch, 29% of music listeners share songs, albums or playlists from streaming services.

They handle the artistic and technical elements of the recording session. They sometimes work with or as music producers, movie sound editors, musical composers or track arrangers.

In this blog, I cover all the major pieces and beginning steps you will want to think about when setting the inspiration in your music profession as an independent artist. Although this information caters more towards performing artists, singer-songwriters, bands and rappers, I feel plenty of this will still apply to … Read More