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The Science Of Birdsong

Also appropriate for artwork installations, or eco-technology innovations. Fabulous thematic orchestration that unfolds as a musical story.

As a pioneer on this genre (also practiced by John Cage, R. Murray Schafer, Charlie Morrow, Pauline Oliveros, and later John Luther Adams, among many others), Curran’s work is distinguished by a heightened sensitivity to total formal construction but irrespective of arithmetic or music principle. Curran is an eclectic entertainer and, in magpie trend, open to any and all content, and adept at its employment. His genius is within the unfolding of his pieces in time, and holding back surprises until simply the best second. Marielle V Jakobsons is a composer and intermedia artist based mostly in Oakland, CA. Her compositions evoke minimalism with melodic drone and enveloping polyrhythmic soundscapes of synthesizers, strings, and voice. She builds installations and devices which bring focus to visceral expertise of sound and … Read More