Bass Pickups


When designing Bass, Dr. Wily fastidiously filtered by way of all the info he had ever collected on Mega Man. Based on the knowledge he had gathered via his many battles in opposition to Mega Man, Dr. Wily created Bass with abilities and a Weapon Copy System that surpassed these of Mega Man’s. Dr. Wily designed Bass to be an analogous model to Mega Man to show off the concept that he could make a robotic like Dr. Light’s, only better. Unfortunately for Dr. Wily, regardless of turning out to be every thing he had wished for so far as talents were concerned, Bass additionally developed a powerful sense of satisfaction and is rarely keen to obey Dr. Wily’s commands. Bass and Treble first appeared in the Short Circuits current on the end of concern #4 of Archie’s Mega Man comedian, and Bass also appeared within the Short Circuits of … Read More