nature music

Crumb was so moved after listening to the recording, “The Songs of the Humpback Whale,” that he labored with Roger Payne to create this chamber music classic. Recorded by hydrophones within the ocean depths, this well-known recording captured the whales’ own vocalizations and songs and have become a greatest seller for months. This recording was also distributed by the National Geographic to all subscribers.

In spite of very different conventions in musical performances in several communities, a parent, or a baby, wanting to share the pleasure of songs and motion games with a child, naturally adopts the intuitive formula of a poetic verse to share a story of body motion. While her child is mendacity down during bottle feeding, the mom sings two baby songs together with “Mors Lille Olle,” nicely-known all through Scandinavia.

However, an toddler’s communicative musicality can be expressive of resilience and determination. , Lower, and Figure … Read More