Nature, Music, And Algorithmic Composition On Jstor

nature music

This work for orchestra and whale songs brings the recorded sounds of humpback, bowhead, and killer whales directly into the live performance corridor. The track “Il n’y a plus rien”, from French singer-songwriter Léo Ferré’s eponymous album , begins and ends with recorded whale songs combined with a symphonic orchestra.

Subtitled Concerto for Birds and Orchestra this piece incorporates tape recordings of birdsong recorded close to the Arctic Circle and on the bogs of Liminka in northern Finland. Cheryl E. Leonard is a composer, performer, and instrument builder. Over the final decade she has focused on investigating sounds, structures, and objects from the pure world.

Another piece utilizing recorded whale music is the Earth Mass (Missa Gaia) by Paul Winter which is carried out at the Episcopal Church of St. John the Divine every year to rejoice the Feast of St. Francis. One of the actions makes use of a … Read More