40 Sexy Songs That Will Instantly Put You In The Mood

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Then mild, lucid bell-like sounds enter, making this musical sky more and more densely starry, in an expansive yet deeply intimate assembly of cultural traditions that I discover extra shifting by the day. The first notes of “Lavender Rain” kind a easy scale, however one that strikes as haltingly as someone warily inserting one foot in entrance of the other in pitch darkness. There’s a second voice right here, trailing the first like a shadow. Then the sound grows, divided as if by a prism into many lines, and the music embarks on a reluctant, ineffably tender descent.

The solemn counterpoint within the Fantasy is wonderful, and Gould marches so hard in the Italian Ground that he’s nearly swinging. The deep, milky gongs of Lou Harrison’s American gamelan slowly chime as a violin soars among and above in tender elegy, singing only for you.

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