20 Best Pop Songs Of All Time That Everyone Can Enjoy

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Genre: Soul, R&b, Funk, Pop, & Jazz

Summer songs like “Cool for the Summer,” “Sorry Not Sorry,” and “Here We Go Again” peaked on the Hot a hundred at eleven, six, and 15, respectively. Reggae icon Marley still stays the face of his style decades after his demise. His songs remain in style around the globe, but it took some time for his music to gain a following. Marley and his band, the Wailers, released dozens of songs before one reached 51 on the charts, “Roots, Rock, Reggae,” and it ended up being his highest-charting music. While how we take heed to music has changed immensely since then, it nonetheless stays a aim of many artists to attempt to climb the charts, all the way in which to No. 1 on the Hot a hundred.

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