What Are The Different Styles And Types Of Jazz Music?


Many jazz musicians from African-American communities were hired to perform in bars and brothels. These included Buddy Bolden and Jelly Roll Morton along with those from different communities, corresponding to Lorenzo Tio and Alcide Nunez. Louis Armstrong began his career in Storyville and located success in Chicago. W. C. Handy turned thinking about folk blues of the Deep South while touring via the Mississippi Delta.

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Armstrong was a master of his hometown style, however by the time he joined Henderson’s band, he was already a trailblazer in a new phase of jazz, with its emphasis on preparations and soloists. Armstrong’s solos went properly beyond the theme-improvisation idea and extemporized on chords, somewhat than melodies. Armstrong’s solos had been a big factor in making jazz a true twentieth-century language. After leaving Henderson’s group, Armstrong fashioned his Hot Five band, the place … Read More