We Analyzed Every Dang Song That Cracked The Billboard Top 5 In 2018

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If it was simply up to the melody, I’d say hands down G major as a result of the melody starts and ends on G nearly all of the time (where has that pun been all my life?). However, there’s a transparent E within the bass under the G at certain cadence factors, making for a v chord (Em11) leading us again to Am, which comes on the strong beat. Here we see that we’ve flattened out right into a bit more of a bell curve quite than that center-finger looking thing from 2017, with the 4-chord song still being the norm.

After eight bars of verse, he introduces what will be the refrain lines (you actually can’t name it a refrain as a result of it’s only two traces over 4 bars). Then there’s eight extra bars of the sample and, following that, a mammoth verse part weighing in … Read More