Family Concerts

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During the time the family spends together, TV-watching is usually a ritualized side of family routines and group of family activities (Dubas and Gerris, 2002). Some existing proof indicates that music stays an important a part of the family identification, a method of transmitting family values, norms, and tradition, and enhancing family cohesion.

Lastly, the therapeutic use of music is well documented, and the potential position of family ritual in intervention work has been implied in previous work. Among adolescents and younger adults, a key challenge is reaching autonomy whereas sustaining a wholesome sense of belonging to the folks and establishments throughout the salient ecological contexts they function daily. Our findings point out that musical rituals can be incorporated into family therapy and college intervention programs aimed at enhancing college students’ connectedness to these ecological contexts.

Family cohesion was positively related to emotional nicely-being in Kenya (massive effect) and in … Read More