nature music

With the 2 pieces in Anne Guthrie’s program for our 11th iteration of The Nature of Music, Other Minds reached a milestone, with the a hundredth and a hundred and first world premieres of the group’s 25-year history. The music items chosen for the CD delivers the guarantees to enhance meditation and leisure.

Sleeping doesn’t come easy when you’ve ache so to get to a degree you are feeling relaxed is often hard. With this music, I can do that and sleep has been getting higher for me. Support our award-winning coverage of advances in science & know-how.

A melancholic and stress-free composition played by Vietnamese bamboo flute and piano. Perfect for melancholic film scenes, video blogs, presentations, slideshows and any project dealing with Asia, Vietnam, nature and love.

The Science Of Birdsong

Cinematic emotional pretty tune with sentimental, motivate, romantic mood. Perfect for love tales, wedding movies, nature timelapses, … Read More