How To Identify Black Minerals


Similarly, gold is related to good or divine principles, corresponding to within the case of the golden ratio and the golden rule. Gold coin of Eucratides I (171–one hundred forty five BC), one of the Hellenistic rulers of historic Ai-Khanoum.

The first documented discovery of gold in the United States was on the Reed Gold Mine near Georgeville, North Carolina in 1803. The first main gold strike within the United States occurred in a small north Georgia town referred to as Dahlonega. Further gold rushes occurred in California, Colorado, the Black Hills, Otago in New Zealand, a number of areas throughout Australia, Witwatersrand in South Africa, and the Klondike in Canada.

The Second Boer War of 1899–1901 between the British Empire and the Afrikaner Boers was at least partly over the rights of miners and possession of the gold wealth in South Africa. Today about one-quarter of the world gold … Read More

Rediscovering The Enormous Social And Spiritual Legacy Of Black Jazz Records


Jazz Standard is proud to help a number of applications that promote development within the jazz community, help older jazz musicians, and permit younger minds to discover the possibilities in jazz. pitch inflections frequent to any number of West African languages and musical varieties. In effect these highly expressive—and in African phrases very significant—pitch deviations have been superimposed on the diatonic scale common to almost all European classical and vernacular music. The provenance of melody (tune, theme, motive, riff) in jazz is extra obscure.

We provide a platform for rising artists to find their distinctive voice, and a home for established musicians to proceed to experiment and grow. Published since 1970, JazzTimes—“America’s Jazz Magazine”—offers comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the jazz scene.

Often controversial, always entertaining, JazzTimes is a favourite of musicians and followers alike. August 5, 2020 • Woods performed within the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, a history-making all-feminine … Read More

Black Drum


I disagree that many fabulous drummers didn’t have lessons. Almost all of the great drummers have had intense coaching by other nice drummers.

Because they received busy and were going in numerous instructions and stuff, and there wasn’t a lot rhyme or purpose to it. You’ll have to learn primary drum technique and a few key drum beats, however it really is simpler to start drumming than you suppose. There are an enormous number of examples from the Rolling Stone record and from the broader community of drummers who’re persevering with to enhance their efficiency 12 months after year. These are just some of my favorite examples, from the drummers that encourage me most.

With a guitar, the fretboard may appear to be a complicated maze, and even tuning the guitar might feel like a challenge. Playing the guitar will only be tougher than drums in the very starting. Learning … Read More