King, wielding a protect with reflective talents, used that to absorb Bass’ blasts and send them right again at him in the form of a robust laser beam. Because of this gadget, King was seemingly unstoppable. That is, until Proto Man appeared and used his powerful “Big Bang Strike” capacity. No longer in possession of that protect, Bass’ attacks actually started to do some injury, and he ended up defeating King. Bass preventing in opposition to Mother Mukamukade at Ground Man’s stage in Mega Man & Bass.

When Karen Bass Went To Work In Castro’s Cuba

After that, he decides to offer Bass a lecture, saying that he won’t ever defeat Mega Man as a result of he has “nothing to struggle for”. Bass then gets offended about it, telling Proto Man to get misplaced, in which he does. After that, Bass scoffs at Proto Man, saying that he doesn’t … Read More