Bass notices an abnormality within the sky each time they bounce time, and with Mega Man’s help, he destroys it, sending Mega Man back to the current. According to the Mega Man 10 operations handbook, he can shoot in 7 directions like he did in Mega Man & Bass. Unlike the Proto Man Mode in Mega Man 9, Bass has a narrative on this sport and a store featuring Reggae because the owner, even though there are much less gadgets in the store and the remaining objects cost more.

Bass appears as a playable character that makes use of the car Treble Darkstar, a balanced machine with the assaults Bass Buster and Bass Blast. He entered the Battle & Chase contest to race in opposition to Mega Man.

Before dying, he tells Bass that after Quint’s defeat, he was the one robotic left. He increased his strength, and devastated the world.

A group of futuristic robots calling themselves the Dimensions attacked Symphony City, a city where robots and humans lived together in peace. The one main the Dimensions was Rockman Shadow, a robotic very similar to Mega Man. Mega Man heard this news at Dr. Light’s laboratory and goes to the scene, whereas at the identical time Wily sends Bass to see who this evil Mega Man was. Bass agrees to assist Mega Man cease the robots because Wily’s laboratory was close to the city. However, Bass reveals up again afterward, and fights against Mega Man in the third level of the Wily Tower.

When not playing as Bass in Grand Prix mode, the participant will face him because the penultimate opponent earlier than Dr. Wily. If Bass wins the competition, he is not glad for defeating Mega Man as it was only a race, and wants to defeat him in an actual battle.

As nothing was capable of stop him sooner or later, he traveled back in time to search out someone that could defeat him. He additionally tells Bass that looking for power isn’t the way of robots, as a result of even when Bass crushes his enemy, a superior one will all the time appear until he finally ends up useless like him. Bass admits it was an excellent lesson and he and Mega Man bury Rockman Shadow, earlier than leaving Bass tells Mega Man that he’ll forgive his life on the time, however tells him to not overlook that he (Bass) is the strongest. Bass later is proven in the game ending credits with Treble taking a nap and within the ending picture with Dr. Light’s team and Rockman Shadow.

The two of them have a battle, and Mega Man manages to defeat him. Bass then swears revenge, saying that he’ll be back. He, after all, stays true to his word, as he is encountered for a fourth time at the very subsequent Wily Castle stage. This time, he performs a fusion with Treble, and tries to destroy Mega Man with the very enhancements that he stole, which have been meant for Mega Man and Rush.

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After a tough battle, Bass is as soon as once more defeated, and warps away. He and Treble aren’t seen once more until the ending, where they save Dr. Wily when Mega Man was about to kill him, with Bass stating that, “He who hesitates is lost.” in Japan, is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily to mimic Mega Man’s design, together with Treble, an imitation of Rush’s design. He was created primarily based on a analysis performed on Mega Man with the intention of surpassing his energy sometime during or before the occasions of Mega Man 6, and made his debut in Mega Man 7.

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Bass rejects the supply and says he’ll do things his way, first of which to destroy Rockman Shadow. The two of them have interaction in a “battle to the dying” and Rockman Shadow is eventually defeated.

As always, he was fighting the Robot Masters to prove that he’s the strongest. After Bass defeated the Grey Devil in Rockman Shadow’s robotic manufacturing unit, Rockman Shadow tells Bass he’ll reveal his true identification if he can defeat his underlings. Bass manages to defeat all of the Robot Masters and Rockman Shadow reveals to him he’s a robotic like Quint that Wily created when he traveled to the longer term. Rockman Shadow then offers Bass to affix him to destroy the true Mega Man, and that method he will be actually the strongest.

In the Japanese model, Wily contacts Bass and asks him for the prize money, but he ignores Wily and leaves the money in a beach. Bass is encountered once more for the third time on the first stage of Dr. Wily’s citadel, where he is as soon as again fought as a mini-boss.

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Although Mega Man had warned him not to take action, Bass used Evil Energy to energy up his assaults, and assume a stronger form of his Treble Boost. Here, he has no weak point, though the Flash Bomb can hit him a number of instances. Mega Man manages to defeat him once again and Bass then vows by no means to give up making an attempt to defeat Mega Man, earlier than teleporting out.