For an initial overview, please read our article on who keeps the pets in a divorce. As such in the event of a breakup the care of and access to your pet is likely to be a matter you would like to discuss and we are able to assist with this. Before an appointment, we will require you to complete a short questionnaire, which will set out the background to your case. This means we can familiarise ourselves in advance of the meeting meaning we can make the best use of the time we are talking. Whatever you’re dealing with, our team is on hand 24/7 to find a solution that works for you and your personal needs.

The court must be satisfied that the parties have made adequate arrangements in respect of their finances and the care of any children under the age of 16 before a divorce will be granted. This can either be as a result of the spouses or partners and their solicitors negotiating an agreement independently or after applying to the court for a decision if they have been unable to do so. They can be varied by agreement at any time and updated as both parties’ positions change. ” … advises many clients who own businesses or hold senior positions in businesses on diverse matters, such as pre- and post-nuptial agreements and private applications relating to children.”

I live in Scotland, can Irwin Mitchell help me?

By ticking the following box I am giving Hodge Jones and Allen consent to process my personal data for the purpose of this enquiry. If you need help claiming for an injury, accident or illness we’re here to get you back on track and provide guidance during this stressful time. perdana4peace We understand how painful a dental injury caused be negligence can be, causing you long-term pain, stress and worry. Our form will allow you to request your medical records as simply as possible. We’ll defend you if you’ve been accused of a theft or a dishonest offence.

There’s no reason why a lawyer should be secretive about any aspect of your case and the paperwork should always be available if you’d like to see it for yourself. If you have any doubts or concerns over how experienced your lawyer might be, then make sure you find out the facts to help put your mind at ease. When there are children involved in a divorce, this is an important question to ask in order to put your mind at rest. There is not hard and fast rule, the best interests of the children will always be the paramount consideration for the court. The thought of having to go to court on top of everything else you’re going through may seem like just too much. If issues can be resolved amicably between the parties, there’s usually no need for you to go to court although there may still be court proceedings.

  • In order to prove that you are a non married couple or are in a civil partnership, you will need to register your Spanish marital status at your local Town Hall.
  • It means that you’ll always have an experienced advocate on your side to assert your best interests .
  • Get in touch – we can save you time and money with specialist advice and support to resolve any commercial dispute.
  • Our experienced lawyers will take the time to fully understand your individual circumstances and provide a solution that meets your needs.

You will be asked a series of confidential questions and receive valuable feedback to provide you with an idea of where you stand. This will depend on its value, what other assets there are, and how long the marriage lasted. Pension values always have to be disclosed, but if you are both young, there are no children and the marriage was very short, you are likely to retain your entire pension fund. Arrangements for your children are not automatically dealt with when you apply for divorce.

What happens if we reconcile during the divorce proceedings? Can they be put on hold or cancelled?

If you are in this difficult position and are looking for divorce advice, Pinney Talfourd are here to help. You canbook your free initial family consultation using our online booking formor by calling your local office. This half hour appointment will allow you to explain the situation with an expert lawyer and discuss the best steps to minimise stress and delays. The financial consequences of a divorce or separation can be complicated – having the right independent legal advice is essential when it comes to negotiating an agreement with your ex-spouse or partner. Our divorce and separation lawyers can talk you through the options available to you, helping you to reach an agreement that provides clarity and security for you and your family.

Spanish Property Services

A significant proportion of these are financial cases, with a large number of children and divorce cases also being issued. When you’ve purchased land, and there are restrictions on the use of it, our property law experts will help negotiate a release or make amendments to the agreement. We understand this can seem complicated, that’s why we’ll be there to advise you every step of the way. We know that when your planning permission has been rejected this can feel extremely frustrating. Our specialist property lawyers will advise you on your rights and on how best to challenge decisions.