Romantic Song Recommendations. Romantic songs are one of the favorite songs because they can make the mood become radiant. Even old songs with romantic lyrics still remember the listener’s memory well when the song is played again.

Extraordinary love

Romantic Song Recommendations. Andmesh (2018). This song was performed by Andmesh and was able to make his name soar in the country’s music industry. Tells about a man who falls in love with a woman. He cannot promise a perfect life with abundant wealth, but he will always love his partner well. Even though it has been released since 2018, then it is still loved by many, especially young people. They covered this song and then uploaded it on YouTube. This song even topped the weekly chart several times. Apart from the fact that the lyrics are already sweet, Andmesh’s voice is able to make anyone who listens to fall in love.

With My Way

Brisia Jodie Feat Arsy Widiyanto (2018). The first single from Brisia Jodie as soon as she came out as one of the participants in a search event on a TV station. This romantic song tells about the love life in school where both partners often feel jealous of their partner’s friends. But even so, both men and women do not want to end their relationship and love their partner in their own way.

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Miss Yourself

Iqbaal Ramadhan (2018). One of the songs that became the soundtrack of the film was phenomenal because it was considered very romantic, Dilan 1990. This song, performed by Iqbaal ex CJR, was able to make the listener become a maximum paper. The snippet of the lyrics above shows that women don’t need to worry because men will always miss them even though they don’t know. A man who is ignored by women but thanks to his persistence he can finally get the idol’s heart.

We used to be in high school

OST Dilan 1990 (2018). Just like the previous romantic song, this song is also the soundtrack for the 1990 film Dilan. It is undeniable that the film soundtrack will greatly affect the feel of a story. In accordance with the film, the lyrics of this song also tell the love story of high school children who almost always spend time together. The song lyrics that sound natural really tell the story of a high school romance full of love and happiness.

Friends But Married

Listen to Him (2017). This song was created from the story of Ayudya and Ditto. Their high school friendship led them to build a household. The lyrics are quite simple but are a romantic song because of the story behind them. Married with your own best friend and then poured in a very sweet song. Even though it’s been a long time, this song is still capable enough to make the listener’s feelings feel the love of both of them.

Chocolate Blue

Giorgino Abraham (2019). Blue chocolate became a single song that brought Giorgino Abraham to experience the world of singing. This song with very poetic and sweet lyrics is a romantic song that is very suitable to be sung for couples. Through an unusual assumption, Giorgino wants to convey that he really likes the woman in his life. A love that will never die no matter what the path may be.

Guess the Hell

Nagita Slavina (2019). Guess that nerka, which was released in early 2019, is a romantic song that tells the story of the love journey of Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad. The lyrics mean that whatever happens out there, Nagita will always believe in her idol. Isn’t there nothing more romantic than trust in a partner? This couple always looks romantic and that is stated in the song.