When you have a really great song and it’s time to make the jump from studio to radio, picking the right radio promotion company is key to the success of breaking a song

Radio Pluggers deliver new music to over 30,000 radio station contacts worldwide. They provide an unparalleled level of promotion not just throughout the USA by worldwide.


They have a stringent vetting process and only work on radio-friendly songs of the highest quality, that’s why they can guarantee radio airplay and radio interviews as well for their artists.


If you have a great song and want to give it the best chance of success Radio Pluggers are a cut above the rest. Having been awarded best radio promotion company for the last 3 years running.


They also provide distribution to the top stores and streaming sites. Full chart registration in the USA UK Canada Ireland and Australia. Additional services also include YouTube music video promotion and Spotify playlist placements as well.


Radio pluggers pride themselves as the number one radio and press promotion company when you’re looking for connections in the United States or the UK. One thing that the company offers that makes it different from most is the creation of a personalized musician’s profile for all their users, which can then be sent to their wide variety of contacts. The company boasts over 30,000 verified radio and press contacts worldwide, with over 11,000 in the United States, and around 3,000 in the UK. According to the company, these contacts ” are able to easily, quickly and directly, at a click of a button, listen to and download new releases for broadcast, click straight through to watch YouTube videos of new singles, read full biographies, visit artist’s social media and contact them directly, for interview requests.”

In addition to that, the company also sends out bi-weekly reports to their users to show them those who have listened to their songs as well as those stations who have downloaded their songs for broadcast. Like Music Gateway, Radiopluggers have affiliations with some top Radio, TV and News companies which they send press releases for every 6-week radio campaign they have worked on. If you’re also considering boosting streams and music video promotions on YouTube, the company is specialized in that and has specialized offers to help users get what they want. On their website, they also list some of their top clients including Sony Music, Kronik Records, Sean Kingston, Paul Carrack and many others.

Radio Pluggers build bespoke Musician’s Profiles that they send out to radio stations and press contacts for every campaign.

Radio Stations can easily, quickly, and directly at a click of a button, listen to and download new tracks for broadcast, click straight through to watch YouTube videos of new singles, read full biographies and visit artists’ social media.


So if you’re looking to break a record in the USA or further afield Radio Pluggers is, without doubt, the best choice when it comes to radio promotion and covering all bases to ensure the success of your campaign.




Visit www.radiopluggers.com to find out more about what they can do