Music Genres- So far, we may only hear about the genres of pop music, rock, jazz, and so on. However, with the times, the genre of music is also increasing.
In today’s era, for example, millennials have a big contribution to the world music industry. They spawned new genres.
Below, there are 5 music genres that have just emerged in the millennial era.

Dream Pop

Lorde’s calm and dark music style is similar to that of Lana Del Rey, creating a new sub-genre of pop which is commonly called dream pop. In Indonesia, a band from Yogyakarta started to introduce dream pop music to the country’s independent music industry.

Future Soul

Future soul is a musical genre that combines contemporary soul and R&B. In 2010 a British musician named Delay who popularized this music genre.
Many people make the mistake of distinguishing between neo-soul and future soul. Although the two are similar, neo-soul is a genre of music with vintage and jazzy nuances, while future soul is more daring to experiment with modern music, such as dubstep, chiptune, and hip-hop.
Although it has been introduced to the public since 2010, it was only in 2016 that this genre hit the world when an Australian band named Hiatus Kaiyote was nominated for the 2016 Grammy Awards in the Best R&B Performance category through their song ‘Breathing Underwater’.


Electronicore is a music genre that combines metalcore with various types of electronic music, such as trance, electronica, and dubstep. This genre first became popular in England and America in 2010.
Attack Attack was the first band to introduce the electrocore genre. Their unique rock music with a touch of dance music in each song is able to make this genre famous in various countries, including Indonesia.
Bla Bla Blast, a band from Dochi Pee Wee Gaskins and Cemetery Dance Club, a band from Roy, brother of Rich Chigga, are 2 Indonesian electrocore bands that were inspired by Attack Attack.
Although currently Attack Attack has disbanded, Enter Shikari and I See Star are still popularizing this music genre. Even at the biggest metal festival in Indonesia, Hammersonic 2017, I See Star came to Jakarta and continued to introduce the electronicore genre to young metalheads in the country.


In 2009, A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong, New Found Glory, and Set Your Goals, held a series of tours in America called the ‘Easycore Tour’. At that time, the music genre carried by the four bands sounded very foreign to the public. As a result, they named their music genre easycore.
Easycore is a mix of upbeat pop punk and dark metalcore. However, the combination of the two creates pros and cons in the music industry.
The world’s metalheads criticized easycore for destroying metal music with the cheerfulness typical of millennial teenagers, on the other hand, pop punk music lovers rejoiced because easycore finally gave space to pop punk musicians who wanted to experiment.
Until now, more and more bands that carry this genre, such as Chunk No Captain Chunk, Belmont, and Knuckle Puck.


Djent is an amalgamation of metal with various genres, such as progressive metal, math rock, and metalcore. Started from the experiment of Tosin Abasi with his instrumental band, Animal As Leaders. Some non-metal bands that carry djent are Shrezzers, Chon, and Polyphia. To know more about sports you can visit this site lidaweb