Of course, none of this has applied while the global touring circuit has been at a standstill, but now that musicians are on the move again, ECs are reentering the picture. Together with increasingly visible questions over gatekeeping within our scene, not to mention the impact of touring musicians https://www.anatoliabrookline.com/ on the climate crisis, there’s never been a more pressing need to put them under the microscope. We also looked across the applications received to ensure a balance of high-quality music provision is achieved across the country. Music can help support children’s learning in other subjects.

Elmslie Houseis a beautiful grade II listed building featuring a music venue and gallery where many concerts and recitals are held. On any given night you will hear a wide variety of musical performances from jazz to a pop-up opera to a sound bath. Elmslie House’s Hall, complete with stage and Steinway Grand Pianos, makes it an ideal venue for both performers and their audiences. A light and airy space, with excellent acoustics, the Hall has played host to string quartets, rock groups, singer-songwriters, pianists and jazz quartets, to name a few. On the western slope of the Malvern Hills you will find theWest Malvern Social Club, a non-profit venue that specialises in music, arts and other events.

All these events are perfect examples of how you as an event organiser can support local musicians and bring people together. Hosting music events in your area doesn’t just support your community, but also builds a stronger local economy. That relationship between territorial exclusivity and globalisation means that ECs are also tied to questions of sustainability, and the recent lessons we’ve learned in that vein. As this report from Clean Scene and our own Reflections piece shows, internationally acclaimed DJs who fly to a large portion of gigs have a huge carbon footprint. But when COVID-19 had the world’s club circuit grind to a halt, cancelling tour dates and flights almost overnight, people considered the resurgence of local scenes.

Firstly, it’s Independent Venue Week and Sybil Bell, the founder of the event, is on the show. Secondly, the guys are starting their series of interviews about mental health in the music industry. Thirdly, Fraser Anderson is showcasing his fourth record in this https://www.wikipedia.org/ week’s Main Event. And finally, Christian King returns for the second time, in this week’s ‘We Play, You Say’. DIY Togetherare running a 10-year anniversary ‘It’s Not The Punk Fest By The Sea’ event for local punk lovers, featuring bands from this genre.

DJs are often the go-to for party entertainment and provide background ambience. Instead, hire a musician from your area to provide live background music. These types of events generate more community interest in your venue, and can also be offered at a lower price point to get attendees through the door during the week.