Outline of the Creative Concepts of Contemporary Music. The term musical art in the sense of contemporary art is basically the same as modern music. To understand the similarities, we must first understand the notion of contemporary music itself. In the following, we describe several topics from the understanding of contemporary music, its characteristics, to examples to understand it more deeply.

Understanding Contemporary Music

Outline of the Creative Concepts of Contemporary Music. Contemporary music is actually music whose existence is closely related to the flow of time. That is why contemporary music is often called avant-garde music because this music always puts forward an era.
Contemporary music is also commonly known as new music or new music because as a consequence of its existence which always puts forward an era, contemporary music is required to present something new, a musical work that has never been created before.

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Contemporary Music Elements

Music in general includes the following elements: tone color, rhythm, melody, and harmony. In general, contemporary music has the same elements as music in general, but many new elements are used to create and accentuate impressions.
The following are elements of contemporary music:
• Tone color
In contemporary music, there is little emphasis on the sound mix. Apart from that, percussion also plays a major role. The tone colors played individually will be heard clearly in this music.
• Rhythm
Rhythm is one of the most striking elements of contemporary music. Most of the rhythms used are rhythms that evoke passion, encouragement, and joy. There are also groups of irregular beats.
• Melody
Melody is the high-low and long-short notes in music. Melodies in contemporary music are known to have a very wide or large range and use 12 chromatic tones without a center tonel.

Characteristics of Contemporary Music

  1. Not as many lyrical melodies as the previous period
  2. There is dissonant harmony
  3. The rhythm is complex
  4. There are many percussion sounds
  5. Sounds of wood wind and brass instruments, as well as percussion sounds are more common than in the previous period
  6. Use of synthetic and electronic voices

Characteristics of Contemporary Music

Apart from the characteristics, from the many different types of music, we can recognize the types of contemporary music by paying attention to its characteristics. The following are the characteristics of contemporary music that are almost always attached to its presence:
• Title
Strange and foreign titles seem to be very common in contemporary musical works.
• Themes
The themes of love, turmoil, grief, and joy are commonly used in musical works in general. However, contemporary music often raises unusual themes.
• Instrumentation
Instruments in contemporary music are not limited to musical instruments, but any object that can produce sound can be processed into a harmonious instrument sound.

Contemporary Music Functions

With a large number, contemporary music has penetrated various segments, even contributing to the world of spiritual music.
Apart from functioning as a part of art, contemporary music also has functions in various fields of life which are differentiated based on their general function as part of the art of music and the function of contemporary music specifically.