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  • If it’s a good, strong shape, it will set the entire garden on the right track.
  • Evergreen hedging is planted in patterns found on carvings and embroidery.
  • Navigate your garden with a path paved with gravel and concrete slabs.
  • Charles Quest-Ritson on the irises to plant, the ones you’ll never manage to grow in Britain, and the ones to avoid unless you’re happy for them to take over half of your garden.

The team visit south Wales to help a busy entrepreneur who has no time to fix her house. Rural affairs show celebrating the richness of country life in Northern Ireland. At a time like this where we are all being more resourceful at home, it has a really practical dimension, too. Gardens were thought of as an outside room, and fashions for interiors were extended to the garden. The clipped box shrubs and orderly flowers mirrored the concern with neatness that applied indoors. Alongside the herbs and vegetables grown in raised beds, there were some decorative features.

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Dress your deck with attractive textural accessories that can be easily popped inside should the great British weather do its worst. Doubling up also makes the outdoor an extension of out stylish indoor spaces, a rising trend we’re seeing right now for gardens. The weather might have got us all in a spin, but that doesn’t mean our gardens have to look that way! We’ve got plenty of great budget garden ideas to give yours a seasonal refresh, ready for hosting family and friends, come rain or shine.

There are around three million more of us, with nearly half of newbie gardeners aged under 45. This new cohort are climate-conscious and eager to experiment with colour after a, let’s face it, rather drab couple of years. Kitchen and Appliances The heart of any home is the kitchen, so make sure you cook up a treat best in homeware and appliances, from espresso machines to mixers and microwaves.

Upcycle drawers to create a unique planter

For your Home and Garden in London Green At Home Landscape Gardening Servicesprovides a full range of services for your garden. Unique Garden Design and landscape installations to the highest standard. Rather more fully-featured than some online tools, SketchUp lets you upload a photo, as well as create objects from scratch. How useful you find that could depend on your creativity and willingness to learn this generic design program for beginners. My Garden from Gardena allows you to drop an extensive range of objects onto a blank lawn to design your garden. Wildlife cameraman Colin turns his childhood garden into a plant and animal haven.