King, wielding a protect with reflective talents, used that to absorb Bass’ blasts and send them right again at him in the form of a robust laser beam. Because of this gadget, King was seemingly unstoppable. That is, until Proto Man appeared and used his powerful “Big Bang Strike” capacity. No longer in possession of that protect, Bass’ attacks actually started to do some injury, and he ended up defeating King. Bass preventing in opposition to Mother Mukamukade at Ground Man’s stage in Mega Man & Bass.

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After that, he decides to offer Bass a lecture, saying that he won’t ever defeat Mega Man as a result of he has “nothing to struggle for”. Bass then gets offended about it, telling Proto Man to get misplaced, in which he does. After that, Bass scoffs at Proto Man, saying that he doesn’t want a purpose to fight, and can proceed fighting to destroy Mega Man. King then questions Bass, asking why he is fighting for “lowly beings” just like the people, and tells him that robots are more superior than them.

After utilizing all eight of the Robot Masters’ powers to open the Crystal Gate to King’s fort, Bass goes through it and destroys all obstacles in his means, and finally comes throughout King himself. King congratulates Bass for making it that far into the citadel, after which engages Bass in fight.

Bass scoffs at him, telling him that it was a “lame excuse”, and then Dr. Wily modifications the subject by revealing his plans for a second mannequin of King. He told Bass that if he joins King II, then the 2 of them might be unstoppable. Before Bass might answer, however, Proto Man arrives and destroys the plans. Angered, Dr. Wily orders Bass to destroy Proto Man, however he refuses. Proto Man then asks Bass if he would quite destroy Mega Man together with his own energy.

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King refuses, and then Dr. Wily makes use of a device to increase his “brainwashing” (and supposedly enhancing King’s energy within the process). King’s armor then modifications from gold to a violet coloring, and then he breaks through the wall and enters the following room. Bass follows him, solely to search out King fusing with the large blue machines that he fought whereas he was at King’s fortress. Bass engages King in combat once extra, and defeats him once once more. After that, King tells Bass to get out of the citadel rapidly earlier than it explodes while he is in it.

Bass then tells him not to neglect that people are those who created robots. After that, King asks Bass to complete him off, but first teleports an unconscious Proto Man out of the fortress. Bass then asks King who created him, and King answers him by telling him that Dr. Wily was his creator, which shocks Bass. Shortly afterwards, Dr. Wily seems on the monitor, scolding King for helping an enemy, and telling him to finish Bass off.

Bass is first seen at the very beginning of the sport in the cutscenes, alongside Treble, fighting in opposition to Mega Man and Rush. The battle was soon interrupted by Roll when she informed Mega Man about what was going on, inflicting Mega Man to depart. Bass then frees himself by tearing off the steel cables and destroying a falling elevator cabin above with a buster shot, before vowing revenge. Mega Man and Bass put together to face off as soon as again in Mega Man 8.

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Bass, in a rare show of humanity, shows concern for King, asking about his security. King informed Bass that he would make it out of the castle somehow, however after Bass leaves. Bass shortly warps out of the castle, leaving King behind. During King’s “final” words, before he is supposedly destroyed, he says that he and Bass may have probably been good associates. After that, the castle explodes, seemingly killing King and burying him underneath rubble.