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Love Music Hate Racism uses the energy and vibrancy of the music scene to promote unity and celebrate diversity through education and events. The organisation’s message is there is more that unites us than divides us, and nothing demonstrates this more than music. Following the panel event, there will be a full concert performance as part of LMHR’s Rebel Music Tour 2022.

Music has the power to unite, to give strength and to effect positive social change. Racism, on the other hand, … Read More

Local Music Venues

Now that you have enabled the option to share the music from iTunes, you can upload the songs. In the same section, Spotify will suggest folders from which you can add the files . We only accept submissions from musicians who are based in or originate from the NR postcode. If you are outside of the NR postcode please send your songs to We created the emerging talent development program Launchpad that now supports artists and emerging professionals throughout Yorkshire.

Elmslie Houseis a beautiful grade II listed building featuring a music venue and gallery where many concerts and recitals are held. On any given night you will hear a wide variety of musical performances from jazz to a pop-up opera to a sound bath. Elmslie House’s Hall, complete with stage and Steinway Grand Pianos, makes it an ideal venue for both performers and their audiences. A light and airy … Read More

606 Club

With Pete Whittaker on organ, a superb accompanist as well as soloist and in demand drummer George Double. Sultan Stevenson Trio The trio can be characterised by being highly interactive, they explore group improvisation. This concert will feature Sultan’s original compositions, many of which will soon be released on Sultan’s debut album. Nick Costley-White Trio Guitarist Nick Costley-White leads an all star cross-generational trio playing a unique selection of songbook classics and jazz standards. Nick performs extensively with his trio across the city and has developed a distinct and swinging ensemble sound with regular drummer Josh Morrison. Consisting of three primary ensembles, The Big Band, The Anything Goes Funk Band and the Small band, EUJO plays a wide variety of professional gigs.

A Standard Afternoon Enjoy an afternoon drink with live music from London-based instrumentalists and singers performing standards. Jazz is a collaborative process, growing organically from diverse musical … Read More

A Fabulous Range Of Guitars From London Guitar Studio

The acoustic guitar is increasingly one of the most popular instruments taken up by young musicians – and its classical counterpart isn’t all that different. What if you want something with a different look and sound? Well, we’ve got hard-thrashing ESP guitars, Ibanez for the shredders and Jackson for the metalheads.

Not only do we stock brand new guitars but you will also find an impressive range of second-hand guitars available. We have built lasting relationships with our suppliers. This benefits our customers in three main ways. Shop for guitars by maker, style or by special requirement, such as left-handed guitars or smaller sized guitars. Electric guitars are generally the slim-bodied, solid guitar often used in rock music and pop music.

New 2-piece Rosewood PJE Legacy Series models Faith Guitars have announced new additions to their popular PJE Legacy Series. Faith FG2 Legacy models feature a solid torrefied Canadian Sitka … Read More

Drum Kits For Sale

To make working with third-party instruments easier, Drum Machine Designer also provides a MIDI note output menu on each pad. The pad transmits this note to the instrument it’s triggering, so you can control the note sent to the instrument. For example, if you’re using a synth for a kick drum sound, you can send a low-pitched note to play the sound at the pitch you want. Click the output pop-up menu for the pad to set which MIDI note that pad transmits. A pad’s output note determines the pitch at which the pad’s sound will play.

Babel should be played with the hands, preferably by striking with the fingers. In these cases Babel/Petal Drum Mallets can be purchased separately. A Drum Machine Designer track is a Track Stack – each pad has its own corresponding sub-track and channel strip holding the instrument and effect plug-ins for this … Read More

Mccabe’s Guitar Shop


A personal trainer is always a good idea, however you possibly can study the fundamentals on-line as properly. Just be sure to comply with a single course, not leap all over the place in between web sites. Oh yeah, practice with your son, and you’ll be forming a father-son band in no time.

I’m a guitar instructor out of Colorado and suppose it’s great your getting involved with your friends to begin a band, I hope that works out. Spend as much time as you can working towards and actually getting to know your guitar. It can pay large dividends sooner or later if you begin performing in the band.

There is a website called JamPlay which has singing classes for guitar players, here is a free signup page, check it out. Once you’re inside, do a search for singing, and also you’ll see the teachings. Hi, as you can … Read More

Music Business & Innovation Route

This module covers the management of creativity in music and the mechanics of artist management from a legal, commercial and practical perspective. The evolving role the ‘music manager’ plays in artist management and talent development is explored, as is the purpose of the Music Managers Forum . You’ll investigate the critical functions of discovery, assessment and development of music talent while exploring the diverse needs and challenges of the creative individual. You’ll also learn to recognise the vital tension between managing the creative process and meeting commercial needs and targets – essentially, the critical marriage of ‘music’ and ‘business’. The encouragement of collaboration at ICMP will see you work in partnership with fellow student musicians from the college’s talent pool, promoting and managing them as creative artists as part of your course content. You will work in creative partnership with music innovation labs and gain practical understanding of digital media … Read More

Electric Basses

Our selection is available to purchase in our store based in Colchester and also online, we currently offer a brilliant next day delivery service for orders placed before 1pm! If you have any questions, queries or just would just like some general advice on what’s suitable for you then please get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help. There are several different ways a bass can be played but three of the most common methods involve plucking or slapping the strings or picking the strings with a plectrum.

When I opened the box it was a good surprise, as beautiful as my BMG Special. The scale is good and playing with pick-up knobs can give you a good sound between the hell of the humbucker and the sharpness of the single. The bass guitar is a similar looking instrument to the guitar, but there are several characteristics … Read More

10 Things Schools Should Know About Music

Subsequent interviews provide positive evidence of the beneficial psychological effects of this programme of audience-focused musical activity. Music is one of the most universal ways of expression and communication for humankind and is present in the everyday lives of people of all ages and from all cultures around the world (Mehr et al., 2019). Hence, it seems more appropriate to talk about musics rather than in the singular .

You will also benefit from sessions with leading practitioners as you prepare your own critique of a chosen case study. Designed to equip you with core music research skills and specialist techniques useful in a variety of applications, this module will help you to feel confident about gathering, handling and evaluating information. At the same time, you’ll hone your practical skills through focused study. Providing you with an essential proficiency in music theory and enabling you to realise your creative … Read More

Surfing About Music By Timothy J Cooley

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The phrases are in Italian, and are listed from slowest to fastest. Learning some fundamental ideas of dynamics and tempo will enable you better access to involve youngsters in music listening and making. , every measure contains three beats (or a a number of of three).

Listening to sure types of music (especially rock and pop) can improve your endurance throughout bodily train by up to 15%. Listening to music is an exercise that uses all parts of the brain. Your heart fee adapts to the music you are listening to. The average particular person living within the UK can determine the Spice Girls track “Wannabe” in just 2.29 seconds. He’s squandered his money and now he’s obtained to face the music.

Destination: Music! The Best Music Travel Ideas

An Urban issue defined largely by rhythmic and percussive music (rap, hip-hop, funk, etc.). Religious music (also sacred music) is music … Read More