Choice of Music Applications that You Can Enjoy. There are several Music Applications that you can install according to your taste. Listening to music has now become a habit that is often done by many people. Not only is it a fun activity, but also has many benefits. Listening to music can make conditions more comfortable, relaxed, relaxed, and calm.

Music Application Options Ready for You to Install


Choice of Music Applications that You Can Enjoy. One of the popular music applications is Spotify. This Android music streaming application has been installed by more than 70 million users. More than 30 million songs can be played using this application. Spotify is made by a Swedish company that was launched in 2008. Meanwhile, it entered Indonesia in 2014.
Spotify provides two types of streaming that users can choose from, namely free and premium. With this paid premium type, users will certainly support more attractive features. Like free of ads, improved audio quality, and download features for offline play.

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This Swedish company application can not only be used on android or iOS only. But it can also be installed on a desktop such as a computer or a laptop. Another advantage is that it looks simple and modern so that users can use it easily. There is no doubt that the song collection on Spotify is very up to date and complete.
Apart from having various advantages, Spotify also has disadvantages. The free version of Spotify has lots of ads. Whereas using the premium version there are too many steps to access and use.


Joox is an Android free music streaming application that is most in demand. This application provides more than two million songs and playlists the best selection. Music is not only local but also international. You can listen to music for free. This application provides access to up to 50 radio channels and new music. Users can also download songs in MP3 audio format.


Another music application, SoundCloud, where the application for listening to free music also allows users to do other activities. For example, users can use SoundCloud to upload, distribute their songs, or promote them. It can be said that SoundCloud is similar to YouTube but specifically for song or audio content.

Apple Music

As the name implies, Apple Music is made by the Apple company. Even though it is known as an Android rival, Apple Music can be found on the Google Play Store. So that this application can not only be used by users of iOS-based devices. But also can be installed on Android.

The Apple Music app has a collection of more than 45 million songs, including radio shows and other audio content. If you want to listen to content on Apple Music, then you have to pay a subscription fee, aka it’s not free to use this application. Apple Music also provides a very complete feature and offline.


Shazam is a music listening application that is known to have the ability to detect music for free. This music application will be even more powerful if installed with other music streaming applications. In just seconds, Shazam can recognize songs and television shows.