Subsequent interviews provide positive evidence of the beneficial psychological effects of this programme of audience-focused musical activity. Music is one of the most universal ways of expression and communication for humankind and is present in the everyday lives of people of all ages and from all cultures around the world (Mehr et al., 2019). Hence, it seems more appropriate to talk about musics rather than in the singular .

You will also benefit from sessions with leading practitioners as you prepare your own critique of a chosen case study. Designed to equip you with core music research skills and specialist techniques useful in a variety of applications, this module will help you to feel confident about gathering, handling and evaluating information. At the same time, you’ll hone your practical skills through focused study. Providing you with an essential proficiency in music theory and enabling you to realise your creative projects, you will develop your understanding of notation, harmony, melody, rhythm, alongside listening skills. You will form a portfolio for your final assessment from tasks across a variety of musical styles and techniques.

UK students can take out a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of their course and a maintenance loan of up to £9,706 to cover living costs. We consider experience and qualifications from the UK and worldwide which may not exactly match the combinations above. Music changes in the blink of an eye – what it is, how it is made, and how we listen to it. This module will enable you to pose probing questions to generate new insights into music. You’ll define your topic and explore this in detail before sharing your insights – giving you crucial skills and sharpening your abilities to articulate your ideas. This introduces you to narratives that characterise histories of music across different historical periods, technologies, and styles.

Overall, the body of research indicates that music is commonly a key component in young children’s learning and development and can be a vital tool in the learning and care practices of early childhood educators. Collectively, these studies are building an evidence base of music’s potential and actual impacts on different aspects of aural perception related to sound and language, verbal memory, spatial reasoning, self-regulation, pro-social skills, and aspects of general school-related attainment. In recent years there has been a documented steady decline in the provision of music education in the pre-service training of early childhood educators in Australia .

Its music concepts evoke the iconic nature of the hotel, underlining the building’s heritage and the interior design’s ‘it-has-always-been-there’ feel, while making sure it sounds utterly relevant to today. Scarfes Bar is widely respected as having one of the most dynamic atmospheres in London. While most of us listen to music for entertainment, we should also know that it can help boost your overall wellbeing. From reducing stress and improving cognitive performance, to encouraging and inspiring creativity, the power of music is truly amazing. All colleges offer at least one further year of accommodation and some offer it for the entire duration of your degree. You may choose to take up the option to live in your college for the whole of your time at Oxford, or you might decide to arrange your own accommodation after your first year – perhaps because you want to live with friends from other colleges.

How this time’s divided among each of these varies each year and depends on the course and modules you study. Third, you’ll receive robust training in the critical and contextual dimensions of the study of music, working with expert staff to explore, interrogate and challenge received wisdom about the value, status and significance of music in our society. Not just a record of the biggest countercultural event of the ‘60s but also the most evocative insight into the mindset of the movement ever filmed. As fiery and effervescent as its subject matter, Alison Ellwood’s The Go-Go’s wowed last year’s Sundance, going deep – and often emotional – on the biggest all-female band in rock history.

This process ensures that we offer places to students who show the ability to meet our high standards, and that applicants from all backgrounds have the same opportunity to demonstrate their potential. You must demonstrate a level of English language competency at a level that will enable you to succeed in your studies, regardless of your nationality or country of residence. If you are an international student and your school qualifications are not accepted for direct entry to the University you may be eligible for admission to this degree programme through our International Foundation Programme.

Related to the particular needs of the young, children’s general behavior can also improve through music, as exampled in an innovative, school-based, intensive 3-month orchestral programme in Italy with 8 to 10-year-olds. Fasano et al. report that the programme was particularly beneficial in reducing hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity, whilst enhancing inhibitory control. These benefits are in line with research findings concerning successful music education with specific cases of young people with ADHD whose behavior is characterized by these same disruptive symptoms . The use of public performance in music therapy is the subject of a US study by Vaudreuil et al. concerning the social transformation and reintegration of US military service members. Two example case studies are reported of service members who received music therapy as part of their treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and other psychological health concerns. The participants wrote, learned, and refined songs over multiple music therapy sessions and created song introductions to share with audiences.